Saturday, May 13, 2006


Living on Tulsa Time.....

I believe that my career as a button maker for kiosks has come to an end.

I spent an amazing 16 days in the graphics department making buttons. My thumbs hurt from squishing the receiver into the cintra button panel and then adding a dome to the top and then applying the graphic overlay, testing the continuity, and then putting the whole kit and caboodle in a box…..7200 times.

I am the worlds greatest button builder.

Have you ever stopped to wonder what the world would be like if there was no such thing as buttons?

What would we push? How would we ring a door bell…well in that case I’m guessing we would use a cool pull chord like in the castles and fancy Hollywood style film houses. But really ATM’s wouldn’t work, there would be no remote controls, even the oldest AM car radio had presets, what if they weren’t there?

Weird huh? When you spend so much time doing the same thing your mind kind of turns to mush.

Global Warming…Sorry **SEGUE**

Global Warming…..
I’m liking it. It is causing tornados at Christmas and mild summers, and cold springs, it is great to be in the Midwest at this time. Not so good to be anywhere else but the Midwest is pretty cool. I wouldn’t want to be in oh say like Taiwan, or New Orleans, but Kansas City is nice and mellow finally. When I was a kid it was double digit below temps every winter and triple digit summers. Last year it barely got above 95 for longer than a week. And we only had to use ice melt 2 days last winter. I love that! It is one step closer to living in the islands!!

This weekend is dedicated to complete and total slothery.

Enjoy your couch time.

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