Friday, April 14, 2006


long time coming....


Ok not really, not even close but my life could be making a change for the better in a drastic way. I had a great meeting and my life is going to change.

I can’t say anything more until the ink is dry….but it is a good thing.

I was reading Rob’sblog last week and he was going on about how other people suck when they fly and how there should be tighter regulations and what not, for the passengers not the airlines, So I came up with my own list since I have spent the last month flying all over the damn place.

1) If you can’t lift it you must check it. I’m serious I hate those fucking old people who pack a fucking steamer trunk and try and jam it in the overhead compartment. I wish they would break a hip.
2) If your bag doesn’t fit in the little box they have then you must check the fucking bag. I hate these people who make me stick my one little brief case under the seat because they have the roll on travel case and it takes up the entire bin. Die you yuppie cocksuckers.
3) If you have to stand in line then you better be doing something fucking productive. You have an hour to get your book out and your jacket off. If you do this when you are trying to get in your seat I will donkey punch you and laugh when you cry.
4) If you have a baby that has never flown before….give the little shit some fucking drugs. NO ONE thinks it is a cute baby when it freaks out and starts screaming at 30, 000 feet. Babies taste good on toast.
5) Don’t talk to me. I am not a single serving friend, I don’t care what you do or who you are…I need to get from point “a” to point “b” and you need to shut the fuck up. You are worse than a fucking lap dog. Yap yap yap.

I have more but no time. I am off to the wilderness to kill the wily turkey…YUMMY!!

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