Sunday, April 30, 2006


KC Roller Warriors!!

Last night I did something really fun!! Me and Bouby and 2 friends went to watch the Roller Derby. It was so bitchen! I have a friend who is in the
KC Roller Warrior league and this was her final game and I seemed to always been busy last year and I didn’t get a opportunity to check out her skills and MANO MAN!! She has some groovy Roller Derby Skills!

I made an observation regarding my fellow roller derby fans last night too. There are two types of roller derby fans, little men and HUGE fat chicks! With the exception of my personal company, that was the majority of the people who were in attendance. There also seemed to be an overwhelming majority of lesbian clientele.

Apparently, Roller Derby is some sort of live action “pussy on the hoof” show for them. And I’m not talking about attractive “lipstick lesbians” I’m talking HUGE fat assed, man hating Bull dykes who would just as soon as cut off my balls and stuff them up my ass, then as to look at me. I was scared of a couple of them. It was like I had just dropped my pants and shit on their shoes. They looked like they could eat steel and shit nails.

I was Skeered!

Here are some snap shots of the evening.

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