Friday, April 07, 2006


Huge busy Week...End

OK so My lap top died...Again. Fucking hard drive. So I am not as groovy as I was 6 days ago, but I did spend 200 bucks on a new one and all I need now is for the little feller who sold it to me to give me the proper boot disc and I can get rid of the XP beta test version OS that I have on it now. That wanker!

So here is the plan for the next 5 days.
Tonight drive to A camp for mentally and physically disabled people and volunteer to help get it ready for the camping season. Saturday, work at camp, Saturday watch some friends get married at camp, Sunday drive home (2-3 Hrs), Sunday Afternoon get in DIFFERENT CAR drive 3 hours in the OTHER direction to get a photog friend of mine up close and personal to a field burning. I know weird, but apparently they don't light shit on fire in his country. Then on Wednesday I fly to TX for a meeting, and come back to go on a 4 day weekend BACK to where we were when shit was on fire but this time with Bouby and the dogs and my hunting stuff. This way I can kill turkeys and make yummy snacks out of them.

That brings us to the 18th when I get back to work. JOY

ilovemyjob ilovemyjob

OH and I am broadcasting my blog into space....I figure that the Aliens need a little anger and wrath from me too.

And after all of that this is me.....

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