Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Gloria Gaynor's got NOTHING on me!!

I will survive!

At first I was petrified, I was afraid………

Ok so last night I’m installing some bootleg software on my home computer when Bouby Starts hollering from the back yard where she was outside smoking…yes she is in the process of quitting SHUT UP! Anyway she is screaming at me to come outside and wear shoes.

The only time I have to put shoes on is when the dogs have found something that they shouldn’t have and are trying to make a snack out of it. Just last week a burrow of bunnies became a beautiful brunch for bowsers. So I was a little nervous heading outside.

Needless to say Jade, Our Rottie, Was not co-operating with Mumsy and wouldn’t give up whatever was in her maw. Until I got there and I pinched her nose really hard and she droped a soaking wet 2 week old bunny in my hand. The thing was tiny. And I’m holding it in my hands and trying to dry all of the dog slobber off of it, while Bouby tells me the tale of how our GIANT, stupid 127 lb Rottweiler came to catch a 4 ounce bunny that was supposed to be quick as lightning.

It seems that the Mother bunny was in the neighbors yard and one of her young’uns had ventured out of the burrow to see what she was up to and that is when Jade caught the scent. I don’t know if anyone knows the nature of bunnies but it seems that when they are this small their “fight or flight” reflex isn’t the strongest thought in their little bunny brains. So they play dead.

It really is kinda funny because they really just lay there all floppy and loose, right up until they think you aren’t paying attention and then they bolt. So as Bouby was relaying this message to me I knew that we would have to keep this little feller until he was big enough to handle the rest of the neighborhood dogs. But we decided to give momma bunny a chance of taking the little guy back….naturally she got a good wiff of dog slobber and headed for the hills, so I went back and picked him up and put him in a shoe box.

We then raced down to PETCO and picked up 50 bucks worth of bunny supplies including a cage and everything. And we spend the next 45 minutes putting together the ensemble and making a new home for the tiny bunny.

Bouby goes outside to have her last smoke of the night and comes back in the house, but leaves the back door cracked. I asked if she was done and she said yes but the dumb dog (jade) was still outside and for me to go get her. So I stood on the deck and harshly hollered for her to get her black ass in the house and she ignored me. While she rooted around in the brush pile. The same brush pile that the previous bunny brunch was found. So thinking she was just being stubborn I picked up a 5 lb log from the stack near the chiminea and threw it at her….not to hurt her just to get her attention. Well it worked and she came trotting towards the house. It was then that I heard the screaming.

It seems dumbass had found another baby bunny. This time she saw me running towards her and dropped the bunny before I got there and all I had to do was put my hand down and scoop the little bastard up and throw him in the cage with what I’m assuming is his brother or sister.

So now we are a bunny rescue house. Anyone with bunnies who are hurt and injured, or tried to be eaten by dogs…well we have a big ass cage.

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