Tuesday, March 21, 2006


The Saga Continues.....

Well it has been a long strange trip…to paraphrase Jerry Garcia, but it is finally over for a minute. Monday the 13th of March was when we figured out that yes it would cost us an arm and a leg to get from KC to Vegas with our trade show booth. So we made the decision to rent a van from Alamo and drive. It is 1360 miles from KC to Vegas and we did it twice in one week.

I’m not sure I will ever want to do that again unless I have all of the money in the world and lots of time for stopping and sightseeing.

By the time we got to the trade show floor, I smelled like a old cheese sandwich and looked even worse. There is nothing like sitting in a car for 23+ hours to give you a decidedly funky crotch.

Anyway the trade show was like most trade shows and there were plenty of assholes like me all there trying to get me to buy stuff the whole time I was trying to sell them stuff. But we were moderately successful and I am looking forward to raising the sales of our new toy. If anyone is looking for a video switching, digital signage unit let me know because I have a really cool one!

On the way home I was trying to sleep and that was a lost cause since I was jammed up in the front seat and couldn’t even extend my legs far enough to stretch them. And since we really wanted to get home we just drove straight through. It rained on us all the way from Utah to Wichita. Then it just turned gray and nasty…but the snow didn’t hit until Monday night and all the way to work this morning.

But since I am just doing data entry I’m very bored. And I need to think of some more crap to do so I won’t lose my mind and just start beating the stupid people, even if they so desperately need it. I know I know, that was a little bit of a train wreck but I think my ADD is kicking in and I need to try and focus here.

I swear the next free minute I get I’m going to continue my “Ornery” series, I really need to go ahead and get a publisher and a playwright so if ANYONE Knows SOMEONE who fits the bill let me know I think my kids stories would make a great movie like the “Sandlot” or “Ransom of Red Chief” Or a combination of “Old Yeller” meets “Lethal Weapon”.

I’ll see what I can do about getting the next installment done soon.

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