Saturday, March 25, 2006



Bouby and I made our bi-monthly trip to Costco today. She wanted to buy and try a new snack chip because she likes to take a small bag of crunchy stuff to gnaw on during the day. Last time we were there she got the “Soy Crisps” cheese flavor, and they were good, and good for you. So we were looking for something similar.

We found something called “Stacy’s Pita Chips” the “Simply Naked” variety, They sounded good, baked and with just a touch of sea salt, No Cholesterol, ALL NATURAL.

So she cracked open this bag while I was outside enjoying one of my many and diverse vices…I was smoking a cheap cigar…..and when I came in I saw the open bag and asked “SO how are they?”

She made a weird face and said “well…… “ and handed me one.

They need to re-name these “Stacy’s Beaver snacks”

They are like buying a big bag of wood chips.

Lightly salted wood chips.

I think I could use these things to line a gerbil cage. Or shingle a fucking house. I chipped a tooth just trying a get a snack.

I can see a whole family of beavers sitting around in the dam with a bag of these things looking at each other and going” Goddamned this motherfuckers are good! Pass the fucking sap! I could eat these motherfuckers all fucking day!!”

Yes my Beavers are from the Ghetto, so fucking what.

I get on an Airplane tomorrow headed to Orlando. Another trade show for the masses. I love these things. I get to act like a dork and talk to people like I know what the hell I’m talking about it is fun. (EDITED FOR CONTENT)

Sorry I went a little out abounds there and had to censor myself so if anyone reads this that I work with wouldn’t tell anyone and I wouldn’t get into a fist fight at work.

So Anyway I’m in Florida for 2 ½ days.

Just when the weather was getting nice enough to play golf here.

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