Tuesday, February 21, 2006



I can add a new name to my “I hate you SO much “ list.

ROBIN ROTH!! C’mon down you’re the next contestant on SHUT THE FUCK UP!

This California woman went on TV calling for a boycott of the book “Curious George”. And why did she do such a dastardly deed? Because she says the book shows irresponsibility and potentially harmful experimentation. Because George is left unsupervised by the man in the yellow hat, and he gets into some ether in the Dr’s office.

I grew up with these books and I wanted to be Curious George when I grew up…still do for that matter. But the books didn’t teach me to be irresponsible they Taught the opposite. To NOT fuck around with shit you don’t know about. It is an easy concept really, you give the kiddies a lovable little monkey who does stuff he shouldn’t have and gets himself in trouble again and again and the kid learn that they should do as their told and not as the little monkey, because hey, he got in TROUBLE!

Oh and I have it on good authority that this dumb bitch Robin Roth can’t even read.

Why do I make such an absurd statement? Because she claims that George is “smoking” ether. Let me say that again SMOKING ETHER!! Apparently this cunt doesn’t know what happens to ether when it is heated, and she can’t tell a fume line in a cartoon from a fucking pipe smoke line.

This is the kind of stupidity that used to be weeded out at birth or soon after.

Dr.- Ma’am I’m sorry but there seems to be something wrong with your baby. We’ll need to throw it in the lake for safe keeping.

Lady- WHAT?? Not my Baby, she is fine and so beautiful! What is wrong with her that you want to throw her in the lake?

Dr.- I’m sorry ma’am but she spent the last 2 hours trying to smoke ether and we just can’t let that sort of stupidity fester. Soon it will be an epidemic and the nation will be over run with dumb people…I’m sorry but it is quite the slippery slope we’re on it has to be done.

Lady- Well of course! I’m sorry I didn’t understand the circumstances, yes by all means throw the little window licker in the lake we wouldn’t want to breed stupidity.

Oh how I long for the days or yore….If it wasn’t for the lack of personal hygiene and no toilet paper and tooth brushes…well and the rampant spread of syphilis, I would want to go back in time to a simpler way of life.

Here is the website that you can read Robin Roth's explination of how Curious George is a menace.... Dumb Bitch

Please read Robin Roth's diatribe and write as many mean things about her and her stupidity as you can. I would like to see someone bitch slap this woman and pile drive her face through a chain link fence to make fresh ground Robin.

If hate were people I'd be China!

PS. I tried to use her name a lot so I would be thrust into the stop spot when some one googled her completly retarded ass. She seems the type to want to check up on how much press she is getting trying to save our kids from themselves, or more to the point from dumb parents like her.

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