Friday, February 17, 2006


One from the road....

The Ghost story.

I was encouraged by Ruk to write about my experience with a ghost during my college years. I can’t remember if or when I wrote about this so if you have heard it let me … on second thought just shut the fuck up and enjoy it for a second time!

It was 1988 Chico CA. I was living in a 2 bedroom 2 bath house with 4 other football players. There was a housing crunch at that time and you had to grab what you could, the good part was that rent was $88.00/month the bad part was I was sleeping in an old laundry room. Looked like a prison cell without the bars. I even found the basement door under some carpeting. It was a dirt crawl space with a vent window in it, and that was covered by some cardboard. So it was plenty dark and always cooler then the rest of the house. So I moved into it, after laying some nasty green carpet we stole from the dumpster of a carpet store. I tapped into the phone line, and the cable and I was set.

Subterranean living at it’s finest.

So the 5 of us manly man football players were all shoved into this little bungalow for a full year. It was a good time. We were the poorest fuckers in town, two of my roommates were full blown “Crips” who could play football and did it very well, but they could still get you Uzi’s for $100.00, and VCR’s for 10 from the crackheads in Oakland. We had the proverbial “Full house” (in poker terms 3of one kind 2 of another) Me and Disco Bob were the only white guys around for most of our parties. It was really fun.

One thing most people don’t know is that “bruthas” are desperately afraid of poltergeists. They tend to freak right the fuck out. And they also don’t like to talk about them, they think that makes them more real and that they will have their soul sucked out of them or something.
There was a continuing fight, on a DAILY basis, as to “someone left the kitchen cabinets open again! Why can’t you motherfuckers close the fucking cabinets” Well everyone in the house would deny leaving them open and since no one would fess up we just figured we were living with a liar, or a real forgetful jackass.

Then I made a discovery. I had moved my mattress back up top for the winter, and I was dead asleep at the time but I saw her.

She was as real as anyone else you can see thru.

I can’t explain what made me wake up but I did. And standing at the foot of my bed was a lady wearing a high necked blouse, tucked into a full length dress and high lace up boots, ala circa 1800’s. About the time the town of Chico was founded. I rubbed my eyes thinking I had something in my contacts but she was still there and she was folding clothes. Not my clothes, she was folding see thru ghost clothes.

I sat up in the bed.

She looked over at me and smiled.

I couldn’t deal with this anymore. I looked at her and said- Excuse me I can’t deal with this right now I need to get some sleep” I picked up my blanket and pillow and walked through her and went to the couch.

Around 8:00am my roommate woke me up getting ready for class and wondered what I was doing on the couch. I shook my head and told him I would tell him and the rest of the house later that afternoon.

Well once everyone was home after classes I started in on my tale of ghostly goodness, and they all started telling me about the weird shit that was going on when they were the only people in the house. Stuff like pictures falling of the dresser, doors opening, the kitchen cabinets would all be open, and the 40 year old have to pull handle down style of refrigerator, would open all on it’s own.

As I told them all of this, the Black guys were starting to freak out a little because they were always too scared to talk about it. But I told them that I had done some research in the paranormal section of the library and found that most specters don’t do evil and the only reason that they do crazy stuff like open EVERY cabinet in the house is because they are lonely and that they just want us to acknowledge them in some small way. So we agreed that we would start saying Hello when we walked into the house and made sure that we told her our plans and she was perfectly happy then and we had no more sightings. There was the occasional drawer pulled open, but that was during the times we would forget to say hi for a day or two.

So just keep in mind that there are ghosts out there and not all of them are of the Amityville Horror kind.

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