Saturday, February 25, 2006


Nibbling on sponge cake watching the sun bake...

I sit on the couch drinking coffee I have the whole world at my fingertips due to the advent of the internet, I have an old movie on the TV in the background where James Colburn plays a barely passable Irishman and Rod Stieger tries to plays a Mexican. It sounds like the taco bell Chihuahua talking to the Lucky Charm’s leprechaun.

It is a wonderful morning.

The sun is trying to burn off the cloud cover, it is supposed to be a nice warm afternoon even though it is only 30 degrees outside at this moment. I might try to play golf this afternoon or maybe go to the casinos and play my new addiction “let it ride”.

I have a favor to ask you. I need everyone to go see the movie “The New World”. I have a friend that plays an important Indian part in it and I think it would be nice if he could make some big dough off of this picture. And when I say Indian I mean feathers not dots, so help the red man that we have stolen all of his land and butchered all of his women and children, I think we owe them at least that much, to go see a movie anyway. Ironically the movie is about Indians seeing and meeting the white man for the first time. They should have killed the invaders much like we would have if they showed up on our shores dressed differently, and speaking in a foreign language. If only…

The Indians were the first people to be completely happy in their station in life. Think about that. They didn’t WANT to invent a means of exploration, they just lived and loved in a land that supported them. The Indians were the very first ecologists. Of course now that the white man has shown up they all suffer from alcoholism and poverty. If you have never been to a reservation I suggest you go and take a good look at how they live. Yes I know some of it is by choice, but some of it is 400 years of abuse by the white man.

I have no idea how I wandered on to this topic, but it is one close to my heart since I am probably only a handful of blonde haired, blue eyed ¼ Cheyenne Indians around. My G-ma on my Mom’s side was a full breed Cheyenne, but we have no record of her heritage because it was REALLY bad to be an Indian in the Midwest during the 20-50’s and when she was married to my G-pa and they had Mom, NO ONE was going to advertise a ½ breed baby girl. So I don’t get my free education, or my 2500.00 a month a fresh case of whiskey and a trans am in the driveway of my single wide parked on the rez.

Just go see the movie will you.

I can see the blue of the sky emerging through the small layer of fog like clouds as the suns rays start to warm up the atmosphere. The day is going to be a nice one.

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