Monday, February 20, 2006


I beat that thing and beat that thing and I just can't get it to behave.

Here is a frightening thought. I wouldn’t have believed unless I saw it with my own eyes.

David Sandborn flies South West Air.

He was on my flight to KC from Dallas on Saturday. Him and all of his goofy entourage. It was funny. I ignored him and all of them and just kept looking at them with my best “If you cut in front of me I will pin your ears back and swallow you whole” look. It seemed to work, even though his road manager and one of the sound techs could have been Leprechauns. I shit you not it was like I was Gulliver in Lilliput. They were like pocket people, they were so small.

It always makes me giggle when I see the long haired guys in the music industry, and their hair is almost as long as they are tall. I wish I had brought my camera. But if I was snapping pics it would have ruined my whole “who the fuck are you” stares and grimaces.

The trip was very good and fruitful I am becoming closer by the second to supplementing my income by about 2 times more, or twice, however the fuck you conjugate those verbs.

Anypoop, Bouby and I did not win the lottery, some fuck in Lincoln picked up the 365 million. And I hate them. Incase we weren’t clear on that. Do you know how much good I could have done with that money? So much good and good for you ideas! Hell I could have funded my run for the presidency. Running on the libertarian ticket, I think I could win, I’ll hire Pete for all of my conservative issues, and NGD As my co-party planner chairperson with Chicken Lots of vodka and Buffett! I will need a conscience as well so Clarity Gets that gig. And I’m sure there would be plenty of other jobs that I would hire people for based solely on friendship or perceived friendship, but in reality I’m tired of linking. (See I’m already too honest to be a politician!), so I guess we should shit can the whole idea (besides I inhaled, snorted, shot up, killed people, and generally had fun in the 80’s) and have a big ass party on the island I was going to buy had I won the stupid money.

Of course Bouby would be my arm candy, so she doesn’t have to do anything ‘cept look good!

If only I could have made those stupid lotto balls behave.

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