Thursday, January 26, 2006


This Gene Pool needs a new life guard

There is a story on the morning news here in KC that has me baffled. According to the news people there Are Three ladies who are looking for a traveling door to door salesman who has left them with a skin rash and a permanent reminder of how stupid people in this world really are.

What was this man selling? What could possibly be a product that gives a skin rash and is permanent?

Yes you are correct if you said a tattoo.


Are you fucking kidding me? What sort of white trash do you have to be to think to yourself, “A door to door tattoo artist!! What an excellent business idea I must have one!” I mean really! There is a very obvious reason why this profession is state and federally regulated. It needs to be done in sanitary conditions with a trained professional.

Just because Uncle Jimmy spent 3-5 in the pokey doesn’t mean that he is a trained professional, I don’t care what the ex-cons say about his ability.

Take a beautician for example, it takes twice as long to learn to cut hair as it does to become a cop…do you know why? Because more people get their hair cut then get arrested, so the odds of a fuck up and a frivolous law suit are smaller.

So I think this story is less then news and shouldn’t be used as news unless it is used to show people who to avoid because they ARE the dumbest people on the planet and a skin rash and a series of bad tattoos is a good example of social Darwinism.

Someone please put some chlorine in the Gene Pool I think the dumb algae is clogging up the filter.

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