Sunday, January 15, 2006


Rock is dead. Long live paper and scissors

Bouby and I have joined a community service organization. We did this a couple of months ago at her fathers urging, not to mention him paying for it, well for the first year anyway. So last night was our 2006 Presidential Inauguration party and we had a blast!!

In this organization we follow “Roberts rules of Order” and it seems kind of silly but it is over a 100 year old org. and who am I to buck tradition. It is really just a loosely veiled drinking society filled with people from the ages of 18-40 that on occasion do really really good things followed closely by a party/drinking binge that reminds me vaguely of the fraternities I used to serve when I was in Chico.

So it feels like I’m getting to relive my youth, and I can have more fun this time because I know how many drinks I can have before I go from mildly funny to slobbering idiot. Last night was an absolute HOOT! The best part however was that we got rid of our current president who was a person who is stuck in the 80”s and is TERRIFIED of technology. She is so scared of technology that she refused to have any contact information for the officers of this organization on the website. She has put all of our money, I say our money, because I am a member of good standing and I want to, in a savings account.

A plain old savings account that pays it’s holder a whooping .028% return annually. No money market, no CD’s , no high yield anything. It makes me mad when I KNOW that there are better options out there and we are LOSING money by being afraid of technology. Losing money to the tune of 2K a year just by putting it into an online savings account.


If you haven’t all ready set up and ING Direct account you need to do it right now. You don’t have to have a minimum balance, there are no fees coming or going and it pays 3.8%. NOT .028%. They also offer CD’s and other banking options, so check them out at,(stupid fucking links wouldn't work) you will not be disappointed.

Back to the story at hand:

So our NEW prez is young, bubbly, energetic and seems like she has a good head on her shoulders. It seems like we will be able to grow this organization back to the point of state recognition and this time in a good way. It seems that our past president had made a less then favorable impression, and the state president is HAPPY that she is gone.

If you are wondering what this organization is email me and I’ll tell you all about it and where you, yes you can join your local chapter since we are not only national but international as well, I believe we are in 32 countries but I can’t remember for sure and I’m to lazy to look.

Unplanned segue.

I think that as a society we are traveling more toward the “Demolition Man” style of living then the “Logan’s Run” style of society. Last night the majority of our after meeting conversation revolved around commercials and which ones we liked and which ones made our skin crawl. We talked about commercials and jingles, and other advertising nonsense for almost an hour. As someone who has a degree in advertising, I found it fucking awesome! The best part, most of the people I sat with including myself could only remember about ¼ of the products that these commercials were advertising.

Did these ads fail?

Or were the ads a success and the products fail?

Since we can remember the ads and not the products I think that the products themselves failed. Yes the ads are supposed to help push the projects and make the sale and empower the consumer, but when they only entertain and make themselves memorable does that mean they are failures? The people who make the products would say yes, the ads failed, the people who made that ads would say the opposite.

The weird part to the thought process is that I noticed that the more creepy the ad was the more we remembered the product. Take for instance the new Burger King ads. That big headed king guy that shows up in peoples beds and outside their windows and portraying old football stars is the creepiest thing since the dog headed people selling the dodge caravan 5-6 years ago, but we all knew the product and remembered the commercials.

The moral to the story is weird works and weird sells. So if you are starting up a business or thinking of re-branding your current business remember this and you will do better than if you are honest and straight forward with your advertising.

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