Monday, January 30, 2006


My head hurts, my feet stink and I don't love Jesus.....


This weekend we did a lot!

On Friday we went to the casino and had a little fun , not much winning, but 3 hours of fun and cost me the same as two tickets and some popcorn at the movies. Did’nt play any table games because no one in KC knows what he fuck they are doing when they sit down at a blackjack table. If I have to explain one more fucking time that you are not playing against the other players and are only playing against the dealer I will have to start juggling loaded revolvers. That and when the dealer has 3-4-5-6 and you have 12-13-14-15-16-17 or more…YOU DON’T TAKE A FUCKING CARD!! AAAANNNDDD if you are the person p[laying closest to the dealer on their right side your left otherwise known as “Third Base” you are playing for the TABLE, and if you take the dealers bust card, I will be forced to beat you with a lead pipe ala Tonya Harding’s minions.

Then on Saturday we had a meeting with our Community service organization. It is kind of funny because we have this one lady who has been the leader for this branch for a long time and for five different times. She is soon to be without a position. Which is a good thing. Our chapter has survived with the minimum amount of members for a really long time. We have to give this woman credit for keeping this organization together for that long period of time. HOWEVER we are asking ourselves how much of the declining membership can be directly attributed to her poor leadership and over the top misplaced enthusiasm. Basically she is a nit wit.

Anyway we had our strategic planning session and budgetary review. It was a hoot there was sausage balls and a comfy couch. We also discovered some interesting facts after the meeting. There is a possibility our former president, MAY have been padding the budget and doing some creative accounting. She is hell bent for leather to keep the checkbooks out of the hands of those newly appointed. There are also some weird expenditures listed on the budget. Like $650.00 for postage. We don’t mail anything, where did that money go? And a whopping 150.00 for the web page. The web page costs us 60 bucks and the up keep should be donated by the member in charge of the web page. More interesting questions…not accusations mind you, just questions.

Sunday…well, Sunday we drove to Emporia to give Lucy( what the new family decided to name the Rottweiller) to her new parents. She was pretty excited and I know the family was. We are a little sad, but she will get more love from a 7 and 10 year old then she would from a couple of 30 something’s.

I also did order some booze online, and if you ever wanted to do that let me tell you how easy it was and cheap!! I got 2 bottles of Stubbs Rum, which I can’t get here in the Midwest, for 5.99/bottle (.750ml) and almost the same for shipping. Had I needed a case the shipping would have been cheaper per bottle but I don’t think Bouby would be in favor of me having a full case of rum laying about the house.

Thought for the day:
Bull riders may possibly be the toughest guys on the planet for about 8 seconds, but after the rodeo, in the bar they are just more little guys with a Napoleon complex.

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