Sunday, January 22, 2006



Has anyone else noticed that lack of updating on the weekends? I guess it just proves that old theory about how much blogging is done at work and much how much money is being lost by lack of productivity during working hours ( I just spent 20 mins looking for those stats, and then I got bored and stopped looking, but I bet it is a lot) So I was just sitting here thinking…..what am I not doing right, Or am I right and the rest of the world is FUBAR? But I like writing in the morning on the weekends when I first get up.

I have been getting up at 5-5:30 for as long as I can remember (unless that is when I was coming home) and not very many people are up, or at least not the people I like to hang out with. I’m sure that I could go to the waffle house and hang with the old bastards club so I could discuss the flood of 93 and the storm of the century, but is that really something a 38 year old boy should be doing?

I mean really there is still some porn out there I haven’t seen and I’m not the Diablo II champion of the world yet so I got some good options here. But I also like to sit here and hunt and peck my way through a posting so that my life (or lack there of) is chronicled for all eternity. This is really my baby. My legacy…the thing that will be here long after I’m gone, and that is reassuring, makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

The weekend was the very first one we spent under complete slothery in a very, very long time. We had nothing to do and all weekend to do it and that is how we spent it. We needed groceries and I went to the store but all that required was a teeth brushing and some pants, other then that we were in our jimmies all weekend. And you know something it felt pretty good.

Today of course we are watching the football. The two championships are being played out to see who Pittsburgh will play in the superbowl, yes it is presumptuous, but if they play ½ as good this week as they played last week it is a no brainer. Besides I LOTHE Denver. I hope they die of gonorrhea and rot in hell……….want a cookie?

We still have the dog.

We have started calling her Maizey. I don’t know why or what it could be an old Indian word meaning corney…I don’t know, but we are still looking for a good home for this beauty.

She is so smart, and strong and healthy and funny. She is one of those laser pointer chasing dogs and it cracks me up. And she does it with gusto! She almost ran UP a tree trying to get that stupid little red dot. I almost choked. So if there is anyone who needs a GREAT dog let me know I got one…or if you want a not so great dog…well I’ll keep the good one you can have the dumb one and we’ll call it even.

I'm watching "while you're out" and I swar to god there is nothing funnier then watching a homo chase a football!

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