Thursday, January 19, 2006


I found Jesus - he was behind the sofa all the time

Would someone please go visit my friend Frog Pajammas…she is listed on the favorites as “The Hammer” she is lonely and needs some attention….she is a attention whore like that. I’m kidding she’s just a whore.

No wait, again I tease, she is the OCG the Original Cubical Gangsta and she drinks like a fish! And is covered with Tattos, and her boyfriend is the Number ONE piercer In KC two years running. So as you can imagine she has trouble with metal detectors and had to quit her job as an electro-magnet operator. So there I’m done pimping out my Ho’s….for now.

I’m sitting here listening to some Barry White and grooving with the big man’s sounds and I can’t help to think that NONE of the people in the last five years of American Idol would ever be as good, or as cool as Barry, Those fucking loser kids that win, couldn’t clean Barry’s colostomy bag. Not even Clay, regardless of how bad he wants to.

We watched American Idol last night, it was only our second year, watching it and neither me or Bouby could believe this was it’s 5th year. That pile of shit/angry British guy show, has been on the air for five fucking years! For the love of Christ someone put a fucking bullet in my ear please!

Moving on to another British guy, this one not so angry, as he is dead, but he at least has a legacy that will surely live on forever, unless we figure out what “42” means. I stumbled across this little gem of a web site that had me laughing out loud! Not just because it is a funny tribute but because it really has a lot of truth to it. So go here I’ll wait.

Back, ok good. Douglas Adams was a beacon of light in a otherwise long list of dark and dreary high school reads. All of the lit classes I took and not one of them covered humorous British writers and their dry but totally funny wit. Oh NO, our British lit class in High School covered shit like Shakespeare, and Beowulf, and other mind numbing books from all over Europe. We also read Homer, but I’m not sure why I have never signed up for a “Greek Lit” class, even if they had one I’m pretty sure that the title would have scared me away, sounds too much like butt sex manuals and who needs that kind of gender pressure in high school?

So anyway ,mark you calendars and remember ”Don’t Panic”.

Oh and I also found a stray dog yesterday, I also thought I had a home for her, but the guys OTHER rottweiler doesn't like her. But here is a picture of her anyway.

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