Monday, January 02, 2006


Good Bye and God Bless

The call came in lat night at 11:40 pm. G-ma was upset and we were to head over to her house.

G-pa had passed.

55 years of marriage ended (We finally got all of the facts straight)
81 years of life on this planet.
A WWII vet, who was being trained as a naval aviator G-pa, never saw the European theater, and when he got out of the Navy he married G-ma. They had a wonderful life and from what I have seen there wasn’t a single person who ever met him or talked to him that didn’t like him from the second he started talking.

He was a Great man. He will be missed greatly and I’m sure he is in Heaven fixing St. Pete’s lawn mower, and making friends with all of the football players he used to watch and cheer for. Derek Thomas is surely talking defense with him while sipping a beer and laughing at the rest of us humans that are still confined to our ethereal existence.

I am a better person for having know him I know that much.

Thank you one and all for the well wishes, good vibes and prayers that you have sent Bouby and her family. It meant a lot to her.

There will be a lull here for a few days while we get G-ma organized.

Hugs all around.


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