Sunday, December 18, 2005


Stress is when you wake up screaming and you realize you weren't asleep.

G-pa got out of the hospital on Friday.

Generally this would be a time of celebration, and we did for a minute, then we had to check him into an assisted living center. Or as we used to call it a nursing home. He isn’t strong enough to get up and around by himself yet and since that isn’t a condition that his insurance will pay for in the hospital. SO we had to get him into a care facility, now had I hit the lottery like I was supposed to, we could just have him at home and we could sit and hang out with him until he got stronger….since I didn’t and we all have to work well we get weekends and evenings with him.

Send Bouby LOTS of groovy vibes, she could use a little help.

We had to bring in a plug in air freshener to cut the smell of old people, bad food and urine. Sad I know, but true.

Other then that the weekend was really good and we got all of our Xmas shopping done, I didn’t have to kill any drivers, shoppers, or little snot jockeys the whole weekend. So I’m pretty even keeled right now.

Bouby is also going to start being a guest writer here because she is too lazy to use the templates at her own site, so when she has something to say she is going to email it to me and I will be posting it. It is just as groovy that way too. This way it is like we share….and I was always told to share, and play nice and not to run with scissors, well at least I got one right.

I hate Joe Thiesman. I wish LT had never broken his leg. This way maybe he wouldn’t be a football announcer, which by the way he is worse then Dan Deirdorff and John Madden combined.

Sorry about the lack of segue, but I’m watching the late game on ESPN and he is doing his usual bang up job of miscommunicating what is happening on the field and what HE THINKS is happening on the field. What a Doo Da.

Did any of the other two football fans see that ½ of the big 12 are playing in some sort of bowl game? It is true, and there is no other conference in the world that can say ½ of their members are good enough to go to bowl games. I love the Midwest….well ok for the football, not so much the weather. So when we do start this migration to the islands I will be opening a sports bar that carries big 12 football and all of the NFL games. But with plenty of drink specials for the wives/girlfriends/disinterested male sissy boys so that we all still have a good time.

So someone please hit the lottery, and lets get to living on island time.

Not enough segue again huh?

You’ll live.

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