Friday, December 30, 2005


No Gnus is sometimes bad Gnus

Last night the good news ended.

G-pa’s CAT scan revealed a tumor in his throat which is what is making it hard for him to eat and could be the cause of a bunch of other things. The Ear nose and throat guy was supposed to be in last night but never showed, so G-ma is on the “Please call so when you examine him I can be there list” for this morning.

The outlook doesn’t look good at this point.

It breaks my heart to see those two beautiful people have to suffer through an ordeal like this. I’m almost certain that it would be easier for everyone if we were all designed to go out in a needless accident, instead of being forced to watch someone we love get killed from the inside out.

The Grandparents wedding anniversary is coming up soon Bouby thinks it is there 58th. They have been married 20 more years then;
I have been alive.
Than man walked on the moon.
The invention of the microwave oven.
Jimmy Hoffa’s disappearance

And I’m sure that there are numerous other things that they have been a witness to as a couple. Like the Korean war , Viet Nam war, gas shortages, Munich tragedy, the US Hockey team winning gold at lake placid, ALL of the Superbowls EVER!, not to mention EVERY Monday night football game, they also raised two wonderful men and one fantastic Granddaughter.

So as you can probably see it is going to be a very trying time for all of us here in my little slice of the world, but I know ….I was going to write I know we’ll get through it , and then the absurdity of that statement hit me in the face like a pie. We’ll get through it…FUCK! Of course we will, that is the dumbest thing to say ever! I have buried both sets of G-parents and numerous other relatives over the years, so I have been there done that.

However Bouby’s entire immediate family consists of 4 people, Dad, Uncle, G-parents. That is it. End of line. There are a handful of cousins scattered across the country, but none of them are close, and I don’t mean close like within driving distance, nor close as in we’ll see you at Christmas, I mean they aren’t close as couldn’t pick them out of a line up not close. So this is going to be a particularly hard for this close knit little family.

I would also like to Thank EVERYONE who has said prayers, and have given Bouby cyber hugs…I said cyber HUGS not cybering !! NGD this means you! But she really does feel and appreciate all of the support from strangers, and like I have always said there are none stranger then those who read my shit.

Thanks a million, and I’ll keep up the updates as news warrants.

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