Friday, December 30, 2005


My heart hurts...

You know when you’re a kid and you keep track of your birthday in fractions?
I’m 8 and ½
Or when you’re a baby and they keep track of you in months?
Yes, He is 36 months.

Well I guess they do that when your at the end of your run as well.

Bouby called me at 11:30 Friday morning and told me that we were needed at the hospital.

I had faith in my old farm truck and I found new heights of speed as I made my way to the house where Bouby was picking me up. I only got into one flipping off contest, and if I ever see that Mercury driving ass pipe EVER again I will beat him to one small inch of his pitiful trailer trash life. Other then that, I think the rest of KC knew my predicament and they parted in front of me like the red sea.

So when you’re young and you are measuring your life in fractions there is always the anticipation that things will be better the older you get. But when you are closing in on your final days, all you can think of is how youth is squandered on the young and counting down the months is not what you want to be doing during your last moments on this plain of reality.

The hospital sent in the Palliative care nurses to tell us that we are now into the phase of counting G-pa’s life in hours.

We could do it in minutes to make the number bigger but the time frame wouldn’t change.
48 hours at the most
2,880 minutes
172,800 seconds

Needless to say things are a little morose right now.

It breaks my heart to see Bouby and G-ma cry. And then I start crying and there is nothing worse then watching a fat man weep.

I want to thank my older brother for helping with all of the plane reservations today. He is such a good man to have in a panic situation, I love him dearly, he has never asked my Why, or What for, in a time of crisis or even if it wasn’t a crisis. I know that if I NEED anything I can ask him and he’ll be there for me. Thank you T.W

I also want to thank my high School friend J.N. for answering his cell when I was grasping at straws trying to find a flight to Evansville IN. He is a corporate pilot and if he could have helped he would have and I love him for it. Thank you J.N

I want to thank A.T, my supervisor who asked no questions as I walked out of a very important sales meeting today because he saw the look in my eye and knew it was important, and that even if it meant my job I was walking…at least this time I don’t think I’m unemployed but who knows what next week will bring. Thank you A.T

I want to thank SVDC for all of his support over the course of this ordeal and his indefatigable up beat attitude and life stories. Thank you SVDC.

I would also like to thank all of the people who drop buy and leave supportive comments for Bouby during this trying time. Thank you. It really means a lot.

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