Thursday, December 22, 2005


I should get up and go to work, but the voices in my head say I should stay home and clean my guns

I am in Iowa Right this second and I know what you’re thinking….You Lucky motherfucker! To be in the land of corn and morons. It is such a treat. I have a picture but I forgot the connector to my stupid digital camera, so it will have to wait.

Bouby is about to start shooting people at the nursing home. Well not really but she is mad mad mad!

G-pa’s blood sugar was allowed to drop to 50 yesterday. Your normal level is in the 180-300 range.

The bandages on his arm that was caused by the IV tape in the hospital pulling the skin off because it is so thin, hadn’t been changed for 4 days, once n the first night there, and they used the wrong type of bandage and it stuck to his wound and when they removed it, yeah it was stuck good and removed more skin and pened the old wound open.

He was taken down stairs for his physical therapy, they wheeled him into the parallel bars and told to stand and walk back and forth. That is why he is in there because he needs help standing and walking, but to add insult to injury they have him wedged into a very small wheelchair and it got stuck to his ass and he couldn’t get up. So they told him they would find him a new one and disappeared for an hour and when they did get back his therapy time was up so he didn’t get to work out.

Last night for dinner, they forgot him and his roommate.

Yes, it is true, they gave everyone in the hall trays of shitty food that I wouldn’t serve to hogs on a farm, and they forgot to give him one. When the lady came by and asked for his tray, the family almost ripped her face off. She was noticeably remorseful, but still tried to feed him the tray with his fucking name on it even though it was 2 hours old and hard as a brick.

I told Bouby that she needs to have her dad’s lawyer go visit the home and start handing out business cards and lets see how fucking hard they work then. This is a serious fucking lawsuit waiting to happen.

I know they are under staffed and under paid, but from what I have seen it is like they are treating everyone there as patients in a morgue waiting for the slab instead of trying to recuperate and revive the ones that they can.

This is another reason I own a gun. I will never be put in a nursing home. I will pick my time and check out accordingly. But the worse part about it is the fact the G-pa is doing really well and if they would just do the goddamned therapy with him and get him stronger, we could take his ass home.

I’m so fucking mad it s probably a good thing I’m in Iowa.

Do you know what Iowa stands for?


Merry Christmas

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