Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Accidental blonde.

About 3 months ago Bouby and I were shopping at Al’s Junk in Riverside MO. It is a groovy little junk store where Al buys stuff from wrecked trucks and consolidated freight, unclaimed stuff, and train wrecks (which happen more then the news lets on. He also gets his stuff from businesses that are closing and needing to get rid of their merchandise. It is a good place to pick up tools and weird stuff.

So we went to Al’s in search of hair gel. Generally he has some top shelf stuff for around a buck. So I was confident that we would be successful. When we got there we saw a large array of goods for the coiffure, one in particular was a BIG bottle of hair gel advertising a hold power of 9. I have no idea what that really means but I’m guessing it is a better hold then say a 2. It is also sporting a lighting bolt on the front, and a title that says LIGHTNING! So I buy it.

It works so good I am using every day. After about 5 days of using this wonderful product Bouby asks me “What the fuck did you do to your hair”

I reply, “washed it?” because I was confused as to what she was talking about.
Bouby- “It’s blonde!!”
Me- “It’s always been blonde”
B-No this is REALLY blonde!”
M-“Bullshit, it is the same color as it has always been.”
B-“No it’s not light brown/dirty blonde…it’s FUCKING BLONDE!!”
B- “yes..go look”
So I go off to look into the mirror and sure enough it was really blonde.

How did I not notice this change? It was because I put gel in my hair right out of the shower for that highly sexy wet look and then I don’t look into a mirror until the next morning when I’m doing my hair. So I never noticed because my hair is darker when wet, and I never saw it dry.

So while I’m standing in the bathroom admiring my new do, Bouby walks in and gives me that “I told you so” look and she tells me that my hair looks stupid now because my beard is a brownish red Viking looking thing and I have hair like that Sugar Ray guy.

I’m still confused on how this happened, so I grab the bottle of Lighting hair gel and I notice for the first time it says “LIGHENTING” “Sun or no sun you can go wild or mild”

So I had accidentally did this to my hair…I did get lots of compliments on it but you can never be sure if it is because it looks good or they are just pulling a Rodney Dangerfield from Caddyshack. “Looks good on you though” maneuver.
So here is a before and an after, The before is a picture of me and Bouby's butts,and the after shows my adorable cousin Gilly-Bear. She is a cutey!

And After

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