Sunday, November 13, 2005



Well I’m fucking a little pissy right this fucking second.

Out of all of the cool fun shit that was supposed to go down this weekend, none of it really did.

I was supposed to go to VA and see my cousin’s, plane left on WEDNESDAY instead of the Thursday night everyone thought it was scheduled for. I know we needed to listen to our inner voice and should have check the itinerary, but we didn’t so I missed the plane, and after a day of trying to force the issue and get there by hook or by crook, we decided to reschedule for early December.

Opening day of Pheasant season was Saturday. I had a big plan to go hunting with a bunch of my buddies from high school that I hooked up with at my 20 year reunion. BUT then the trip to VA came around and I cancelled, and then by the time we got shit figured out, it was too late to go.

I also passed on a trip to go see K-State play Nebraska. That one doesn’t hurt so bad since they fucking lost!! But on a good note the QB for KSU Is a freshman and they only have a handful of seniors leaving so there is a chance for them to become better over the course of a couple of seasons.

Now I get to pimp out a friend of mine. This Guy Is a fantastic photographer and he is finally hanging out his shingle and is going to try and make a few extra nickels, I have all of the faith in the world that he will succeed. (Pete you might want to look into using him for the WEDDING!) Anyway check him out and don’t hold it against him that he is English, he really can’t help that, but he does try and hide it by sounding like an Australian. But he has competitive rates and a great eye. And he is only paying me a pittance to say all of the god things about him.

At the very least go to his website and pretend to look around just so he can see a spike in web traffic…he’ll buy me lunch for that anyway.

So now it is Sunday and Bouby and I are glued to the tube, we need the Giants to win, and everyone else to loose. Because if that happened then we would only have 4 people left in the elimination pool and then we would be better off to win the 2K, and how nice of a Xmas present would that be?


Well the fucking Giants lost to the asshammer filled Viking team. So Bouby and I are out of the elimination pool. Stupid Eli "Choke" Manning decides to have the worst game of 2005 just when I decided he wasn't a complete dickhead.

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