Monday, October 10, 2005


Weekend Warriors

Ahh, this weekend was good! I spent as much time on the road as I did partying and have9inbg a good time but it was all very, very worth it. Wichita is a dirty little burg with a bunch of dirty people in it but since my friend Jason and his wife Heather live in the new and shiny part it was relatively dirty free.

I did start off disappointing my host when I noticed the keg that he bought was Keystone light. Now, I’m all for beer, don’t get me wrong and in my youth I would have relished in the fact that free beer is free beer! However since the invention of Keystone beer I haven’t been able to drink more then 2 of them before I get a raging headache and a oily taste in my mouth that doesn’t go away for 2 days. I think it was what ever they were using to “line” the cans with back in the early 90’s when that was their sales pitch. “Bottle beer taste in a can”, but whatever it was it made me sick.

So I sent my older brother to the liquor store to buy some supplies. As he was leaving to go to the store Jason asked what the deal was, and I told him my plight, and he was very sad because he didn’t take a poll and was earmarking at least 1/3 of the keg for my personal consumption. Normally on a trip like this I would have obliged him but since it was the “stone” alas I couldn’t.

Needless to say when the brother got back with a ½ gallon of Captain Morgan I was pretty well set. And come morning with the help of one of our high school friends Angie that bottle was empty, and I was out 10 bucks from the marathon Texas hold’em tourney in which I only participated in to slow my rum consumption.

But the main reason why I was there was to watch Jason’s boy play football. For those of you who have seen the movie “Rudy” you will understand the way I felt as I watched Jason play when he was in high school, he was 5 ft nothing, 100 and nothing lbs, and had hardly a spec of natural ability. But the kid had heart. I was only lucky enough to see him play one time in High School and it was the game where he got his one and only lifetime interception….Quite the fluke really, but none the less it was the high light of a rather ordinary football career, and I got the opportunity to see it happen.

In all reality Saturday’s game watching his son play might be the only time I get to see him play too, and wouldn’t you know it the little shit got an interception too. I couldn’t have been any prouder. That and the Boy has a lot more talent then his dad does/did have. And He'll need it kick the asses of all of the boys who want to date his sister, she is a cutie!!

Then it was back into the car for the 3 hour trip home and a shopping spree that lasted most of the afternoon. I was still kind of hung over but none the worse for wear really, but I doubt seriously if there will be any large rum consumption, for a fairly long time.

One of the guests called Jason before he came over asking if he needed to bring anything and Jason made him promise to bring the “toy”, this of course sparked the attention of my Brother, who is gay, because who doesn’t like a good toy now and again! I had loftier goals then my orifices for any toys one of Jason’s friends might be bringing.

This guy and his wife show up riding what appears to be a go-cart. But in reality it was so much more. Had I been more sober I would have snapped a picture or 10 because this thing was cool! He had spent some down time and a couple of hundred bucks building this contraption and now I want one.

He had taken an old riding mower frame and steering, and the back fenders. He then replaced the engine with a 3 ½ horse Briggs and Stratton motor, and turned an old cooler into a seat. So he had a completely mobile beer stand that was semi street legal with the exception of the open containers held in the two built in beer holders. He and his wife proceeded to get so drunk that at the end of the night they couldn’t even drive their cooler home, and had to walk.. As soon as I get pictures of that thing I’ll show how cool it really is to have a 3 horse powered, riding cooler complete with beverage holders and headlights!

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