Friday, October 07, 2005


Random Musings from a fever addled mind

Meth addicts in the work place-They work REAL hard for 30 days, but then they drop dead and you have find new ones, but since they tend to breed like rats it is a pretty good deal.

This life is a one way journey. There are no return tickets to this life. Once you’re gone that is it. I’m not saying that you won’t come back as a monkey or a tree frog, but THIS life as you know it is only going to happen the one time.

I have a friend of a friend, who’s sister’s cousin’s uncle’s brother buddy from the war uses limewire and last night he decided to download the movie “Constantine” and this morning when I …I mean he woke up and checked the down load he was super surprised to find it was Mexican porn! And I don’t mean all Latina ladies or anything like that I mean it was good old fashioned American porn DUBBED in Spanish! How freaky is that

Have you heard that Kevin Federline is back to his old tricks of being an sperm doner and then basically ditching the Mom. He has spent his time partying and hitting golf balls and talking on the phone until all hours of the night! Why do I care you might ask? Well I don’t I just like to make fun of stupid people and that dumb bitch should have saw this coming! Unless the sun rises and sets in her vagina, then it isn’t special and since he left his then 1st baby’s momma who was preggers at the time why would he want to wait the allotted 2-3 weeks healing period before he hits that again? What a stupid woman. I should call Kev up and see where he got his brass balls implanted.

National Porn Sunday is coming up this weekend, get your lube and keep it handy!

I’m on my way to Wichita this weekend to see a friends kid play football and then to spend the day Saturday drinking heavily watching K-State play football. So wish me luck and I’ll have many cocktails for all.

Here is Cinny trying to take a shower...isn't she sweet!

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