Thursday, October 13, 2005



There seems to be a new front on the job horizon! I can say without impunity that it is making me giddy as a school girl! I can’t say more then that because these pages have ears but there is a possibility that I will be log term happy in a matter of months! And I’m not talking hitting the lottery either! I’m talking all about the real deal1 (Although I did buy the winning ticket this morning! 290 MILLION!! Are you kidding me?)

So in other news I need to get back in the gym I have become sort of sloppy. Me and Bouby have taken a month off of our diet because we were tired of all of the cooking and eating the same shit all of the time so we stopped and now I feel sluggish and mopey. I know it is a vicious circle where you are too tired to work out because you stopped working out and have lost the energy to work out because you don’t work out. See what I mean it is even hard to type.

A new larger version of TV Guide is out. Not only is sitting in front of the TV making us fatter, it's even making TV Guide bigger.

The Belgian arm of Unicef wanted an attention-getting TV ad for their campaign, "Don't let war affect the lives of children." So they made an animated spot showing happy Smurfs dancing in Smurf village with bunnies and bluebirds. Suddenly, warplanes appear and napalm them. The ad ends with Baby Smurf crying, surrounded by flames and prone Smurfs. They plan to air it only after 9 p.m., but a preview on the evening news left adults shocked and children crying in terror. The ad agency said they originally wanted to make it even more like a real war, with Smurfs losing arms and heads, but Unicef said no. That's the trouble with Unicef: no sense of humor...They should've let the "South Park" guys make it.

Tihomir "Tiger" Titschko of Bulgaria has won the first European Heavyweight Chessboxing Championship in Germany. Competitors alternate four-minute rounds of chess with two-minute rounds of boxing. It can go for a maximum of 11 rounds, or until either a knockout or a checkmate. Titschko beat German champ Andreas "Doomsday" Schneider with a checkmate in the 9th round. A spokesperson for the World Chess Boxing Organization said, "The basic idea in chessboxing is to combine the #1 thinking sport and the #1 fighting sport into a hybrid that demands the most of its competitors, both mentally and physically." …This sounds like the way my family used to play Monopoly.

This is the funniest thing I have seen in a really long time! Just run your mouse over the pictures! Click Here

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