Thursday, October 27, 2005


HEY Blinkin!

Thank you all for the well wishes and the "get better soons" I do feel much better and if it wasn't for this chorline laced mop water sitting not two feet away from my cubicle slowly burning my sinuses and throat I would feel amazinly better.

I was watching the “Daily Show” last night and John Stuart’s guest was some broad who wrote a book about Abe Lincoln. It seemed like a pretty good book putting the spin on what we as Americans have been taught that old Abe was a brooding sufferer of depression or was bi-polar, or some other previously un-diagnosed psychological ailment. I mean who in their right mind would set free a whole race people that were doing such a bang up job of being slaves and repressed by the man? I mean really who would do such a thing?

So this lady brought up a pretty good point about politics and how as a nation we have sullied the title of Politician for the entire world. Since we have created the media monster that is TV and set forth to become the most “informed” ( I put that in quotes as a joke BTW) nation in the world we have shattered what our forefathers used to build this country.

Back when honest Abe and the crew were trying to change things they had to do it one person at a time. I know that is some what inefficient but there is something to be said for a public speaker who can change people’s minds and sway votes with a 4 hour debate. When Lincoln and Douglas debated the slavery issue in 1858 (didn’t know you were going to get a history lesson from some stupid fat guy in Missouridid ya?) 15,000 people showed up to listen to these guys argue. Two guys, 4 hours, 15,000 people , NO P.A.!! They had no amplification. They held 15,000 people attention by yelling for 4 hours! They brought forth change and debated if anyone had the right to own anyone else, and they did it all while standing alone on a stage speaking their minds. No handlers, no yes men, just two guys two different opinions, yelling...for 4 hours. And I thought NASCAR was a waste of an afternoon.

But seriously, they have to be rolling over in their graves watching how we have fucked up this country and led ourselves headfirst into the shitter. I’m not taking sides here either, it doesn’t matter if you’re republican, democrat, independent, flying spaghetti monster, or Bill Clinton. If you have been involved in politics within the last 100 years SHAME ON YOU! You have fucked up the best thing we had going. Republicans weaseling out of taxes, Democrats giving away money to people too fucking lazy to do anything besides squirt out babies, independents thinking that they can change the system, getting elected and finding out that we need a serious nuclear war, or at least some strategic bombing done to clean house and make for a new wave of government.

Just like it used to be.

Slow and semi inefficient but at least is was clear and concise.

Jesus where the hell did that rant come from. I must be feeling better if I can pull history outta my ass like that. So anyway my head has cleared up and I feel better , I still have a little fluid in my left lung gurgling around, but I will cough that up in no time! So I want to do some house cleaning on the ol'links list there to the left...if you are on there and like being on there let me know if you are on there and haven't updated in a long time odds are that you will be removed to dwindle back to isn't that I don't still love you but people change , it isn't you it's me, I can';t keep leading you on...ok no it really is you.

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