Sunday, September 04, 2005


Three years and counting.....

3 years.

1095 days.

Yesterday was Me and Bouby’s third anniversary. We have been dating for three years, my longest relationship to date. Usually they dump me by now, or I decide that there is nothing besides the sex to keep the relationship going. Not that there is anything wrong with a purely sexual relationship, they just don’t tend to last long.

So anyway Boub and I hung out all day and did nothing. The perfume I bought her showed up in the mail and she didn’t believe me when I told her I had planned it that way, which is the gods honest truth, I really did plan it. She told me that she was running out of one of her favorites and then we looked online and she found a place that was pretty inexpensive and so I ordered it. And yet she tried to bust my balls about it even though she didn’t give me any material stuff. But then again, I never want anything, so I guess that makes it hard to shop for me.

Now onto a different topic. One of my old college roommates sent me to this page which is run by a friend of his so I know it really is legit, so I thought I would let everyone know about it. Here is how it works, (and it is on the website) you pay 20 bucks, Just once, not every week or nothing, an the you pick one team that you think is going to win and you may NOT repeat the same team twice. Last years winner took home almost $4000. So if you have an extra 20 laying about and you can guess the winner of a football game then you could win a nice little chunk of change. Here is the website;NFL Elimination Game

Today is probably going to be another lazy day of doing nothing. With Gas prices up so fucking high and my driving a crappy giant car with a MPG rating that compares to a battleship, I think we’ll just sit around and watch TV or play board games, or just take a nap.

Have an exciting Labor Day Weekend!

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