Monday, September 19, 2005


Advice continues!

So How did I do?

Was the advice clear and concise enough for everyone?

Well I hope I did a good enough job. I used to bartend so that is like having a minor in psych.

So I want to keep giving advice I like it. So if you have anymore troubels or just need reassuring, let me know I am here to help.

Bouby and I had a busy weekend. We spent 90% of the weekend working on her Dad’s rental property. We did; cutting and loading brush into a trailer, cleaning the carpets, vacuuming, lifting heavy things and basically sweating like fat guys in a sauna. My toxins are very low right now. I’m also very sore. I was the only one who could throw brush in large armfuls on top of the 6 foot and growing with every armful, trailer. So my back and shoulders are kinda tight right now. The pain feels kinda good since I quit lifting weights.

The Raiders showed everyone last night just exactly how adept they are at snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Stupid refs made a couple of bad calls though and that never helps when you have to play the other team as well as the referees.

Bouby and I are still in the elimination pool. There are only 40 people still in it and that number could drop by at least 10 tonight depending on who wins. And that prize money is $2020.00 If we can last down to the final two people, I would not be adverse in splitting the cash and taking a cool $1000.00 for my $40.00 investment. That would buy a lot of Christmas presents.

Right now my internet connection is down at work. Our Email is working but not the browsing. So I can’t check the morning posts for all of my industry related news groups and message boards. So I sit here all by myself thinking weird thoughts.

Like what would I really do if I hit the 108 million dollar lottery?

I know that I have talked about this before and told people that I would do all kinds of crazy shit like buy a lot of land and start my own country inside of a country. And I still might so far that seems like the best way to spend 108 million. But what else would I do? Would I try to pursue a life as a photography artist? Would I travel? How crazy would I go with the gadgets and toys? Would I hire Van Halen, Areosmith , or Jimmy Buffett to play my birthday party? Would my birthday party last a week so they all could play?

What about travel? Where would I go? I only really want to go to Ireland. I know that there are a lot of other places out there but I have never just been interested in them. I think it comes from the deep seated hatred that Europeans have for Americans. I mean really if your next door neighbors despised you would you keep going into their yard for a BBQ? Not me. I’m pretty sure that the Irish probably still hate us as much the next country, but I’m willing to try just once. And if it doesn’t work out then, I hop on the gulf stream and fly back to my compound and raise Dexter cattle.

I doubt that many people have seen Dexter Cattle, so if you aren’t familiar with the breed they are very tiny. They aren’t the miniature breed of cattle like you see at some freaky rodeo’s, but they are more like Shetland pony cattle.

I was first introduced to them when I was living in California. My ex and her family were rice farmers and cattle ranchers, so we went to a lot of livestock auctions. One day we were sitting there watching the cattle sale, the pen lot of steers were ran out of the sale ring, and the auctioneer gets a funny look on his face. He gives the audience and little grin, and announces that the ring needs to be cleared of all help because they had a bull coming in that was a little wild and he didn’t want anyone to get hurt. So all of his helpers get behind the protective shields and the door was thrown open to let in this bull. His horns were long and pointed, his chest was heaving as he bolted into the middle of the ring blowing snot and stomping his feet.

He was about 3 feet tall at the shoulder.

Cutest little pissed off bull you ever saw.

The crowd was stunned and remained silent for a good 3 seconds then the giggling started. It was like a flood gate had been released. The whole place was in an uproar. So that was my introduction to the Dexter breed of cattle. And since I live my life with humor I just figure what could be funnier then a 6’2” 300lb man raising tiny cattle? Just think of the visual.. I’m walking around checking my herd, and none of them come up to my waist.

Fucking hysterical I tell you.

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