Monday, August 22, 2005


Thanks and links and stuff

Well I thought these were somewhat easy, but I guess as DK put it I really am a nut bar. I thought about waiting a day or but I said I would put these on today so I am. You can find them here Answers

That way if you still want to play you can or if you just want to see how you did you don’t have to wait for anyone else to play.

I kinda like playing this game.

I also realized that I missed my “Blogaversery” I didn’t think it had been a whole year since I started this nonsense but it has and I wanted to throw out some props to those beautiful people who started the writing my thoughts down fun and misery.

My first experience with blogs was when some one sent me a link to the world famous Pork Tornado. I was sent a link to his Worst Album Covers Ever and I wet myself laughing. It’s true a little pee came out.. Dusty’s ability to make his day sound like every force on the planet is out to make him it’s bitch and the unbelievable way he gets it written down so it makes me feel like I am standing there watching the drama unfold is uncanny. One of the funniest guys I have never met. But he is not the reason I started writing.

Clarity ,she is my muse. I stumbled across her writing and I spent two nights and most of one work day reading everything she wrote. Her stories about getting married, moving to Germany, and the struggles of one of the most talented people I have ever read or had the pleasure of seeing her artwork, inspired me to write about my past, present, and future. If I ever had the opportunity to meet just one person from bloggerland it would be her. Her diary is the only one out there that I have read every entry at least once, some were read twice and three times. I have been tempted to cut and paste them all into a book and ghost publish them , but I figured that she would hunt me down and kill me or worse.

Not that I wouldn’t want to meet EVERYONE I read but she started it all. So if you don’t like my stupidity blame her she caused it to be written down.

So Thanks for everyone that stops by and reads my rantings and my nonsense. Like most people I didn’t start this to find an audience but I wouldn’t want anyone to leave now that I know you’re here.

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