Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Dr. Mingle I presume?

I would first like to apologize for yesterdays post. I know the message that I wanted was thewre but there was also a shit bag of spelling errors. I tried to use the spell check so graciously provided by Blogspot but apparently I’m entirely too stupid to make it work right as it didn’t pick up ANY of my fatal spelling errors. So those of you who emailed me to complain, even though you say it doesn’t bother you, well I am sorry for my laziness. Please forgive me.


I kid because I care.

Seriously I’m fine with it.

Ok I was going over my junk folder because since I had to set up a whole new fucking computer because my stupid lap top died a horrible death, I need to double check this old bitch to see if she is eating some of my important emails.

Anyway as I was looking through the deleted junk I came across a email that shouldn’t have been there. At first I had no idea who it was from because he sent it out to everyone at my high school class web page, informing us of his blog.

Now I wouldn’t go out and say this guy is a close personal friend of mine but I have done some pretty good partying with him and his wacko friends. These guys were a couple of years older (maybe 3) and were the absolute nut jobs of the school.

When they were seniors they were part of the school talent show and they preformed some extremely funny skit/ performance art piece / weirdness, that the only thing I can remember is the line “The birth of a new day……And Mother Nature has stretch marks” Also when Dr. Mingle/Gonzo graduated that spring he did it with honors, and with these honors came a bright gold rope to be worn around his neck to signify that he was indeed a honor student. He tied his around his waist ala monk style, wearing flip flops.

The man has style I tell ya!

Anyway this mass emailing contained a link to his blog. I checked it out and it is a fantastic representation of his photography skills as well as his graphic arts ability. So if you feel so inclined to see some weirdness at it’s finest check out Dr. Mingle-Gonzo

I know I will.

On a side note I heard of a guy yesterday who works solely on a commission basis in an industry that has the greatest peaks and valleys of any sales job and he hasn’t collected a dime since March, and has a wife and 5 kids, and when he finally did get a couple of commissions back to back he gave the majority of his money to his church for his tithing.

Is it just me of does this strike anyone else as totally nuts?

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