Friday, August 26, 2005


Dealing with Stupid People

I’m just curious, what is the shelf life of plywood? Does anyone know? I keep wondering about this during the hurricane season. Every time I hear it on the news that the people in Florida are stocking up on bottled water and plywood for the hurricane du jour and I think to myself…”Jesus fucking Christ don’t these retards save the plywood from the last hurricane?” I mean for the love of all things living, how fucking hard is it to just keep a stack of plywood in your backyard/storage unit/basement? Living in FL without plywood is like living in Kansas without a basement. Yes you can do it but it seems pretty stupid based solely on the number of weather related disasters that occur in any given year.

Same goes for the window lickers who move into the wilderness and then bitch about their little lap dog getting eaten by a bear, or mountain lion. Or they live with the mountain lions and bears only to lose everything because they didn’t realize that FUCKING WOOD BURNS AND YOU LIVE IN A WILDFIRE AREA! Is it just me or does money make people dumb as hammered shit.

In short buy some fucking plywood and KEEP IT, don’t spend a million dollars to move into the mountains if you aren’t prepared to have your pets ate, and your house burned down, and for fucks sake use birth control! We need to start practicing some social Darwinism. Stop mudding up the gene pool with stupidity, or you will force me to get some chorine (AKA large rifle) and start weeding out the pool myself.

On a funnier note this is the best cartoon I have seen in a LOOOOOONG while!

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