Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Trauma and non trauma. Take your Pick

Here is a quick Bouby update.

After another LOOONNNGGG wait in the waiting room for the stupid Dr. we get her weighed and her temperature taken and then ushered into a small room to wait just as long for the damn woman to show up. And after a battery of questions we were told that she had an schil…shischicsal…she fainted. And some people are just prone to fainting. However she did give Bouby a referral to go to a cardiologist. She didn’t want to specify a test, so the cardio guy/gal will have to make that determination. But so far she is just groovy but fainty as well.

Yesterday on the way to the Dr.’s office My cell phone beeped and said I had a new voice mail. It was one of my clients and he is pissed! So I had my tech guy call and try to fix the problem. THAT was a mistake! There are reasons that the tech guys are into tech, and not sales, they have no tact or personality. I have met only a couple of people that fit that bill, and only one works here. So now my client wants a refund. Which is about 10K. I’m making him accept a fly out by one of our tech people to try and make this right.


On a brighter note I did talk to a friend of mine who is the GM of a radio station in Wichita and he basically offered me a job AGAIN! To do the morning show and be a sales guy on the side to supplement my income, I would LOVE to take him up on that offer but I also would never ask Bouby to pick up and move when her G-parents are not doing as well as some old people, that and to ask her to move away from her whole family just is not cool. So until she finds out just how big of a prick I REALLY am I’m staying put. And fighting with clients. And fighting with team members. And having headaches. But when she does kick me out of her life I’m off like a prom dress!

I haven’t been in radio now for going on 5 years, and I know I still have the chops and the creativity, but I would be rusty with the board ops and the production. But I think with a little practice I could get right back in the swing of things. If only they didn’t try to pay you with concert tickets and CD’s. It isn’t bad if you are a single guy who can room with someone or live in a crappy one bedroom but when you have someone else in the mix, you really need more money.

So Bouby is Ok for now and I’m taking some Zanex I found laying in the gutter, so at least my desire to choke the living shit out of some tech dorks has the edge taken off!


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