Wednesday, July 13, 2005


The return of Jesus

I am as much agnostic as probably anyone who doesn't practice religon more then a good idea on how one should lead his or her life. So whn I saw this picture I laughed my ass off! This is exactly what is going to happen to spark off armageddon. Jesus is going to come back to earth for the second comming and much like the first he will be hidden from us until he is in his 30's and then we will kill him on the spot because he will sound kooky with his "New and Imporved" teachings. And during the acension back to heaven where he will be amassing the troops to come down and give the human race a good spanking, we'll call the Ghostbusters. They will trap his ass in the containment unit and thus stopping the end of all mankind. We will eventually kill each other off and break the planet....which is all I'm really waiting for anyway. So have no fear people we will beat this Armageddon thing that has been held over our heads for the last 2000+ years.

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