Wednesday, July 27, 2005


OOHH MY BACK!!someone send me some vicodin

Well my Dr.’s appointment was less then productive.

Ok I shouldn’t say that it was pretty good really. I found out from a specialist, also a classmate of mine who is now a professor of orthopedic surgery at KU Med. (yes I know I’m very cool and have cool friends) That my spine is really not that bad he could see all of the old fractures from when I took a long walk off of a short deck that drunken night in CA, and he pointed out all of the mid-level arthritis I have developed on those vertebra, AND he even circled the ¾” bone spur that is growing on two of the most damaged vertebra. It is weird, yet not serious and the question of surgery was never broached and basically I need to keep losing the excess poundage that I have put on due to my stupid chair jockey job and I need to do some trunk strengthening exercises not just the weights and elliptical trainer shit. So more crunches, less snacking, and I shouldn’t have to worry about this crap until I’m a ripe old man. Not that I’m not ripe now, just ask Bouby! My ass was like an open cesspool last night!


OH!! and the best part according to their scle height thingy...yeah I have shrunk a full 1 3/4" since highschool!


So the back is cool, I have only had my new exercise toy for three days and I can already tell the difference in how I feel. I’m getting up at 5:20 every morning and using that silly machine while I watch the news and then go make me and Bouby’s meals for the day, shit, shower, shave, and I’m off to sit on my giant chair ass all day.!

My Younger brother has got his house sold it closes tomorrow and since they are on the fast track (they being him and his girlfriend) they have to be packed and out by Thursday night at 5pm.

Yes tomorrow Thursday.

Guess who has to help move heavy things?

That’s right the only one capable of moving a refrigerator all by himself.

Thank god there is nothing wrong with my back.

But I also will be cherry picking a bunch of his stuff that I have been coveting for years just so he won’t be burdened by moving it to Boston. I’ll call it an early Birthday present.

Remember only 2 more shopping days until Nightmare’s 20th anniversary of his 18th birthday.

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