Wednesday, July 06, 2005


How Dumb am I?

Wow I’m retarded!

I had no idea that when I switched over to Blogspot I would need to adjust things like who can comment. And why did it take everyone a week to tell me I could change this? Holy Diver!! I think of all of the bad mouthing and ass chewing I missed out on because it looked like I was being an elitist snob!! I do apologize for that I am not an elitist snob I’m just dumb as a post sometimes.

I snuck out of work early yesterday and the older brother and I went to play golf. Yes I know I really shouldn’t be out playing golf, but hey it was a nice cool day and there is nothing better then playing hooky to have some cocktails and play golf.

Ok what we do is more like drive the golf cart around and drink cocktails rather then golf, but we did hit the ball ok for a couple of dorks who don’t really play golf. We never keep score, unless you count keeping track of lost/found balls as keeping score. Because if you do count that then I won by a landslide! I found 12-16 Balls in the under brush and in the water hazards!(Thanks TEVA) and I only lost one, and I didn’t really lose it I know exactly where it is and I was just to lazy to go get it…besides I had found a full dozen by then. “T” on the other hand, welllll he lost 2 balls on the first hole and the proceeded to lose at least one per hole from then on.

I forgot to mention that we generally play multiple balls at every hole especially if there is no one behind us telling us to go faster. So that is how we get to the at least one per hole lost by my goofy brother.

So we had fun caught quite a nice buzz and bothered other golfers as we continued to drive the course while we finished off our daily requirement of the “19th Hole”.

Not a bad day at all. Today will be worse I’m sure.

PS I have fixed my comments to aloow anyone I do apologize again for not noticing that earlier. Let the chastising begin.

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