Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Dear Lord....

Please pray that I hit the lottery soon. I really need to find something else to do. I would like to spend most of my time traveling and hunting, and not have to worry about how in the world I’m going to afford the fucking cable bill. Not that I do that now but you know what I mean.

I would like to wake up one morning and just be like a cat. You know how they are dead to the world asleep and they open one eye and freak out and run into another room? Well I want to be able to do that but on a much grander scale. Like open one eye and freak out and run to another STATE, or even better another country. I hear it is pretty in Ireland (as long as you avoid Belfast..THANKS BONO!)

But seriously I need something like 200 bucks worth of fucking tune up on my ride, goddamned student loan people suck, I should have added them to my list yesterday, the rest of the bills and expenditures I have keeping me and Bouby fat and sassy, it takes quite a bit of my check to make that happen. Oh and the other thing I could do if I hit the lottery, find a bad Dr. who prescribes pain killers with no remorse. Not that I’m jonesing right now, I am not in a great deal of pain like 2 weeks ago, but since I live with more aches and pains daily, then most “healthy” people on the planet see in a life time, I wouldn’t mind the piece of mind that a full bottle of Vicodin gives you. Even if it just sits in the medicine cabinet and only gets used when the pain becomes more than I can handle…or the Raiders are losing, one or the other.

Oh and you can now add me to a long list of people who are getting/are annoyed at D-land and Andrew in particular. I still do not have my password to reclaim all of my shit, or to even be posting there. So until My hard drive gets returned and installed into this fucked up desk top and I can drag and drop stuff onto the server, I’m just going to have to stay here. Hey I like it it isn’t as bad as say prison….NOT that I would know about prison I’m just saying…

Today it is supposed to get in the UPPER 90’s. So if you are in the KC Metro area or even just in Middle Earth…(I like that better then Midwest) do not go outside for fear of spontaneous combustion. It is just like people in their upper 90’s, when they are outside you do not want to be out there with them. Just stay in the house and continue to molest your collie.

Well on the job front I heard back from my big Seattle Client yesterday. Of course it was just to clarify some points on our samples and price quotes, but at least he didn’t get everything and say “Ok these guys blow monkey balls” and not contact me at all. So I guess that is a good sign. I really just want to get this client because it would irk my CEO, because I didn’t invite him to go like I, and most of the other sales staff members generally do, because I have grown leery of his sales tactics. He reeks of desperation. And when meeting with clients you can’t reek of desperation, you must only smell of success and cologne.

So what are the winning lottery numbers for today? If everyone gives me 6 numbers I will pick the ones that come up most often, and I will play that ticket and anyone who participates will get a share of the winnings. Lets be Psychic together!!.

Oh and here is another picture of the Terminator robot.

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