Sunday, January 07, 2007


Why am I surrounded by the dumb?

I was standing in line at the KC Airport Starbucks yesterday, because I’m heading to the worlds largest trade show and I overheard some ignorant housewife from bumfuck nowhere middle America, tell her husband that her coffee was only ½ full and for 4 bucks a cup she had better have a full cup of coffee.

He hesitantly agreed before asking what she ordered.

“Well I ordered a Cappuccino, and it is ½ Foam!”

I started to smile…..

My smile turned into a giggle….

I then started to laugh uncontrollably…

Not loud mind you just laughing and shaking, and trying not to guffaw in her and her semi understanding husband’s face..My brother came up and tried to ask me something , and all I could get out was giggles and shaking, I looked like a retard riding a paint shaker.

I am reminded daily that education is a voluntary responsibility, and if you don’t want to learn you will continue to be disappointed, and if you don’t know and you fail to ask, you will also be kept in the dark, or at least reminded that it never hurts to ask a question.

So I’m in Vegas for the next two days and so is my Mother! Her and her friend have always wanted to go to CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, where all of the cool new gadgets can be previewed for the new year and possibly the next two years, or more, but her buddy is a complete gadget freak and can’t wait to walk the floor and see all of the cool shit that is coming out, but last night we went out to dinner (THANKS BROTHER!!he bought) and if you have never been to the Golden Steer in Vegas, it is extremely expensive, and every time I go I get the bill, and am ready to pay double because the steaks are so good!! BUT I would highly recommend it!! This is the place that the Rat pack would hang out and have steaks, since they were usually with each other and all of their favorite whores, they all had their own tables, Last night however we were seated at the Elvis Presley table right next to the Joe DiMaggio table.
Two people had “birthdays” last night and they serve this crazy birthday cake thing with a 4th of July style sparkler fountain stuck in the middle of it and the staff sings happy birthday. It was awesome, and on the way out I stuck 20 bucks into the bar slot machine, pushed max bet, and hit for $150…so I won twice!.

I’ll share more photo’s and what not at a later date….

And for those hicks in the Midwest who are too ignorant to order coffee at Starbucks…you don’t want a cappuccino , YOU WANT A LATTE!!

Cocksucking doorknobs!

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